By Rosalind Russell – Not everyone knows, but THE SUNFLOWER is the official floral symbol of Ukraine.

THE MOOSE 99.3 FM is teaming up with the ESPANOLA GARDENERS to host SUNFLOWER CONTEST 2022 

Three Categories:

1. tallest

2. most blooms one stalk (a coloured bud is considered a flower in judging) and

3. widest single bloom!

Two age divisions:

Under 12 or over 12 as of September first.

Prizes include $50 for each category, each age group x6 =$300, and that money will be donated in the winners’ names to the two refugee families coming to Espanola from Ukraine.

As well, ESPANOLA GARDENERS will give each winner a $10 Tim’s gift card with prize packs and bling from THE MOOSE!

Judging takes place on the second Saturday in September and permission has to be obtained from property owners, so please register by calling 705-869 -5798 and leave your name, address, category and age group.

Photo –

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