New Espanola water main connection today– conserve water

By Rosalind Russell – Municipal water users in Espanola are being asked to keep water use to a minimum today, Tuesday while the new water main is brought online.

Today is the final water main connection for the trunk main project in Espanola, and it is important that users conserve water as part of the conversion process.

Public works says the new water main is now the main line from the water treatment plant to the water tower and it must be de-energized at the connection location near the plant, so staff will not be able to fill the tower during the connection. 

It is critical that the connection goes quickly so as not to not drain the tower and put the town’s water supply in jeopardy, so the public is asked to conserve water usage throughout most of the day until the connection is completed.

The town will notify the public when the work is done.

Photo: The new water main will be connected to the water tower today, so the public is asked to keep their water usage to a minimum so as not to drain the tank. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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