New snow-making machines, call them the big guns, arrive in Espanola

By Rosalind Russell – Boogie Mountain has not one, but two snow-making machines from a company in Midland, Michigan.

General manager Tom Hutchinson says the machines, or snow guns as they are commonly called, arrived this week and they tested them out last night.

Called SMI, Hutchison says the snow guns, piping for the water and electrical cable were purchased through a Trillium grant of $150,000 and generous donations from club supporters.

It adds it took many volunteers including the local Junior A hockey team to lay the cable and water lines to prepare for the arrival of the machines, but it is so worth it to see the rooster tails of snow they are producing.

Hutchinson says most of that work was done in the late fall, early weeks of winter.

He adds if the temperature is between minus two to minus 20 degrees, they can make snow, enabling them to extend the ski season by at least two months and add more programs. 

The Espanola Ski Club is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, so the new equipment is a great way to celebrate the occasion throughout the ski season and beyond.

He adds instructors are all set to begin the 2023 season and anyone interested in finding out more, can call the hill or contact Boogie Mountain through their messaging site on Facebook.

Photo: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! The instructors are ready and the big snow guns have arrived at Boogie Mountain, so if skiing or snowboarding, or even cross-country skiing is your thing, check out the club. Photos provided by Boogie Mountain.

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