One step closer to underground repository for nuclear waste.

It is an issue that has been on the table for over 20 years, how and where to store nuclear waste, specifically fuel rods, but recently the initiative took another step forward.

According to Northern Ontario Business, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization says it is on track to select a site for its nuclear waste repository by 2023.

Ignace in northwestern Ontario and South Bruce in southern Ontario are the two sites on the short list for a geological repository to store used fuel bundles underground.

The organization was tasked in 2002 with the long-term management of the country’s used nuclear fuel recently released its updated five-year strategic plan.

As part of the final site selection process, public input is now being until June 11th.

After a final site is selected, the design and construction of the facility is set to begin in 2033 with operations underway in 2040.

Public feedback on that plan is located at


PHOTO: Renderings show what a disposal site for an underground fuel bundles repository have been provided by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization. The renderings for both the above and below ground facilities were designed by the organization’s Centre of Expertise. Renderings provided by NWMO

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