Ontario residents target of OEB scam

Residents throughout the northeast should be aware of a scam that involves the Ontario Energy Board.

The Orillia OPP says detachments across the province have received many complaints since October about individuals claiming to be associated with the board and looking to qualify the homeowners for a green energy rebate.

OPP state, once in the home high pressure sale tactics are used, but the board does not engage in any direct type of sales activity.

Over 710 complaints have been received over the last two months, according to the OPP.

The OPP suggests contact your local utility for legitimate rebate or green programs.

Ontario residents target of OEB scam

If you need to do some upgrading in your home, the Ontario Energy Board is not your contact, according to OPP out of Orillia.

The OPP says their detachments across Ontario has received over 710 complaints over the last two months about a scam involving green rebates.

The release states the scam works by contacting homeowners to see if they qualify for a green energy rebate, and once in the home, high pressure tactics are used.

However, the OPP states the OEB does not offer those programs and if anyone wishes to upgrade their home or business to contact their local utility to see what programs are in place.


PHOTO: The Ontario Energy Board does not offer green energy rebates and does not have any involvement with the purchase or sale involving this type of program. Logo OEB

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