Queensway Motel demolished to make way for strip mall – smaller motel

By Rosalind Russell – A motel that served the Espanola area for decades has been torn down to make way for a new retail venture.

The owner of the Queensway Motel property, Polly Investments, demolished the building this week to build a strip mall in its place.

Back in 2020, they had approached the town about rebuilding the motel after two fires ravaged the property, but in 2021 they asked council to amend the site plan for a new strip mall to be built in its place along with a much smaller motel setup.

Initial approval was given by the council of the day for the amended plan.

Construction of the new outlet, which is designed to hold six businesses, is expected to begin in the Spring.

The number of units in the new motel has not been determined.

Photo: The Queensway Motel has been torn down to make way for a smaller motel complex, which will also include a six-store strip mall on the property according to site plans submitted in 2021. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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