Recent drug busts lead to denying road access

Road closures are being set up in Mississauga First Nation to fight illicit drugs and to protect the community from COVID-19 following a recent drug bust in the community.

Chief Reg Niganobe says they appreciate the efforts made by police in removing illicit drugs from the community.  Since they still have concerns about COVID-19, council has decided to set up road closures to limit non-residents from accessing the community.

He says access to businesses is limited via Highway 17 and all service providers and delivery vehicles will be allowed.

Non-residents and non-band members will be considered trespassers and charged accordingly.

The order went into effect Monday at midnight.

In response to the risk of infection from individuals from high-risk areas the Mississauga First Nation has decided to remove all non-resident and non-band member access to Mississauga First Nations residential areas. This includes Village Road, East Street, West Street, Eli Street, Ella Drive, Bonekeosh Street, and Park Road.

Addictions and substance abuse are issues which Mississauga First Nation takes very seriously, adds Chief Niganobe. “We want peace and assistance for our citizens who might struggle with substance dependency.

“We encourage anyone who needs help with dependency to please reach out to either to our Mental Health or Addition Workers at 705-356-1621 or anonymously online or 1-866-531-2600.”

For any further inquiries or information please call our Mississauga First Nations Citizens Inquiry Line at (705) 261-0149.

PHOTO: As of midnight, Mississauga First Nation is shutdown to outside traffic, except for approved businesses, service providers and deliveries. The chief and council implemented the move following a drug bust involving non-residents and to combat possible COVID-19 infection. Notice provided by MFN.

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