Red Bag campaign set for another year

Photo: Purolator Tackle Hunger®is launching another Red Bag campaign in support of Elliot Lake Emergency Food Bank as well as the Spanish Food Bank. Purolator volunteers will conduct contactless drops of 1,200 red bags throughout the communities. Photos provided by Purolator and used with permission.

By Rosalind Russell – Filling up a special Red Bag with non-perishable goods will assist two local foods banks this year.

Elliot Lake Food Bank manager Len Kutchaw says Purolator is once again hosting its Red Bag campaign to assist the city and the Town of Spanish Food Bank. 

He says Purolator drivers and other volunteers will be dropping of 1,200 red bags on streets in Elliot Lake on October 15th.

He adds they are finalizing the drop-off locations and volunteers in Spanish.

Kutchaw says the public who receives the bags are asked to fill them with food items for pick up on October 22nd.

You can call the Emergency Food Bank in Elliot Lake at 705-461-3663 or email manager Len Kutchaw for more information.

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