Ruck 4 Remembrance March back on again

By Rosalind Russell – The Second Annual Ruck 4 Remembrance March to raise funds and awareness of emergency providers and the challenges they face, both physically and mentally is set for Espanola.

Organizer Brandon Courtemanche says too many dedicated soldiers, officers, firefighters and paramedics are lost every year to illness, injury and suicide adding this local event was created to bring together people from all walks of life in support of Wounded Warriors Canada.  

He says the ruck is a 22km walk in various terrain starting in Espanola on November 5th and he challenges vets, first responders, healthcare workers and/or any advocates of mental health to take part and help out the cause.

You can donate and sign up individually or as a team on the link below. Details on start location and plan to come. The march will be Saturday, November 5th at 9: 30 am.

To sign up:…/g/35220

To Donate:…/donation…

Photo: An Espanola man is heading up the The Second Annual Ruck 4 Remembrance March for Wounded Soldiers Canada. Anyone up for a great hike and raising pledges for the cause are welcome to take part. Photo provided by Courtemanche family.

Photo: Last year’s March was a great start to what Brandon Courtemanche wants to be an annual event in the local area. Photo provided by Brandon Courtemanche.
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