Sables-Spanish Rivers Township debate focuses on ward system economic development and seniors housing

By Rosalind Russell – Economic development and growth of Sables-Spanish Rivers Township was the focus of discussion at a debate with over 100 people in attendance last night.

The slate of 13 candidates who attended focused their attention on different ideas including enhancing natural areas, possible housing development, and building on some of the new events that have been held following the pandemic.

The candidates were almost split about the suggestion that a ward system be considered for the township with some saying it would not meet fair representation but others stating all areas of the municipality deserve a voice.

It could come up for discussion once a new council is in place.

Bylaw enforcement, building permits, and senior housing were also a focal point.

The fourth and final municipal debate takes place this evening at the Espanola Legion for candidates running for office in the Town of Espanola.

The doors open at six pm. 

Photo: Kevin Burke, Robert Stankie and Marty Martin, the candidates for mayor in Sables-Spanish Rivers Township, shared their views with well over 100 people who attended the debate in the Sadowsky Room last night. Photos by Rosalind Russell

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