Serpent River FN closes its borders

Serpent River First Nation Chief Brent Bissaillion is very concerned about the rising cases in the surrounding communities and neighbouring areas.
He says with the recent cases in Blind River and Elliot Lake, they are reminding citizens and surrounding communities that Serpent River First Nation is closed to non-band members.
He says they are asking that all non-band members and visitors please stay away from Residential Areas at this time.
The Ontario government remains under a provincial stay-at-home order, and all restrictions continue to stay in place. Serpent River First Nation remains in a state of emergency, and stay at home orders are also in effect.
They will be putting up signs and asking that roads be used for local traffic only TODAY Monday, February 8, 2021.
Service providers and delivery vehicles will be continued to be allowed to access the First Nation.
Any non-residents and non-bands members discovered in Serpent River First Nation will be considered trespassing and charged accordingly.
He says their recent decisions are as follows:
– ONLY band members who reside in the Algoma District and their significant other and
immediate family are permitted entry into the community.
– All individuals who are not residents or band members living within the Algoma District are not permitted entry unless they access retailers in the community: SRFN Gas Bar, Scone and Wong, Sumac Teepee Company, Woodland or Cannanish. These individuals will have a time limit of 15 minutes to purchase products.
– All Community members are asked to not travel outside of the Algoma district. And that if you must travel it will be for essential reasons.
– Community members are asked to social distance and continue to limit interactions with those outside their own household.
– If you live alone or have single relatives, or have Elders who live alone, please check on them regularly. Under the provincial orders, those who live alone can pick one house to visit to combat mental health and social isolation.
For further information, contact the Administration Office at 705-844-2418.

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