Smile Cookie cheque presentation

By Grant Lewis – A huge shout out to the management and staff at Tim Horton’s in Espanola and McKerrow for the hard work in making this year’s Smile Cookie campaign such a success. Over fifty volunteer aspiring “Rembrandts” made the campaign a true community event. The Espanola Helping Hand Food Bank is truly grateful!!

Picture left to right

Manpreet Singh, Al Martin, Braham Mihnas, Grant Lewis

Chantal Poirier, Alta Campbell, Sue Kryzanowski,

Melissa Claydon, Crystal Dorion, Danielle Kryzanowski Like most Food Banks in the area, we are noticing a rising number of clients in need of a “Helping Hand”. If you have the time and wish to volunteer please phone 705-583-5588 and leave a message. Espanola continues to be a small town but with a big heart.

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