SSRT deems drainage matters closed following delegation

Taxpayers Casmir Burns and Harold Crabbs say the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers is imposing taxes under the Drainage Act to the wrong taxpayers.

Burns says one of the drains identified in the report doesn’t exist and Crabbs added only property owners who are on the drains should be paying taxes, not the whole township.

However, Deputy Mayor Glenda Massicotte says the court of revision deems the matter closed.

She also noted there had been a public hearing on the motion providing an opportunity for ratepayers to bring forward any concerns they had, but none did.

She adds the drain assessment was needed to address many new severances and drainage areas  throughout the township with the last one having been carried out well over 50 years ago.

The two reiterated the engineering report in the Drain Assessment Report carried out last year was inaccurate, but Massicotte says they trust the engineering firm that carried out the studies, as well as the drain superintendent’s input into the matter.

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