Supporting Anglophone parents in helping children learn French

By Rosalind Russell – This year, parents, and guardians of Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon students will have the opportunity to take two free French as a Second Language program.

Board communication director Paul de la Riva says the Beginner 1 program will run for 15 weeks while the Beginner Conversation program is an 8-week course with both programs starting online January 17th by Collège Boréal.

He adds the programs will support Anglophone parents as they learn and communicate in French to better support their child’s learning.

De la Riva says the cost of the courses is covered by the CSC Nouvelon Parent Involvement Committee, but spaces are limited, so any parent interested in the programs should contact the board as soon as possible.

Parents and guardians of CSC Nouvelon students can register in Collège Boréal’s French as a Second Language program by calling 705-560-6673, ext. 2014 or by email at .

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