A look at the numbers and PSWs

Our province recorded 977 new coronavirus cases yesterday….with nine additional deaths.

Locally, there are two cases of COVID-19 reported, one each in the Algoma and Sudbury districts.

Case #126 in Sudbury was contracted through a close contact and is in self-isolation.

For case #44 in the Sault Ste. Marie region, the cause is unknown so it is considered community spread and that individual is also in self-isolation.

Testimony published by the commission of inquiry into long term care, and the effects of COVID-19, warns that many personal support workers won’t be returning to their jobs.

Sharleen Stewart, head of SEIU Healthcare, says the number of personal support workers has dropped by 30 per cent since the pandemic first took hold….and many won’t be coming back.

Stewart blames poor pay, and the lack of full-time positions, for her members’ deciding not to return to the job

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