Four new cases of COVID-18 reported in Greater Sudbury

Greater Sudbury continues to be the epicentre for COVID-19 cases in the jurisdiction of Public Health Sudbury & Districts.

The agency is reporting four new cases in Greater Sudbury and all are being linked to close contact with another confirmed case.

The health unit states there are currently 15 active cases in the region and there are also three more resolved cases as of yesterday.

Premier Doug Ford says we should only be celebrating the upcoming holidays with those in our immediate household.

He suggests using virtual get-togethers with family members as an alternative, a move he says is critical in the battle against the spread of COVID-19.

They reported another 13-hundred and 73 coronavirus diagnoses yesterday…..down from Monday’s record high.

The number of active cases has also fallen slightly… 12-thousand, 779.


Auditor General’s report not received well by Ford

Still with provincial news, Premier Ford says Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk (LISS-ick) should stick to analysing numbers and looking for value for money….because that’s her job.

Ford’s reaction comes after Lysyk published a highly-critical report on the province’s responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lysyk says outdated emergency plans meant government reaction to the spread of the virus was slow and cumbersome.

She said Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Doctor David Williams, didn’t fully exercise his powers to limit the spread of the virus.

Her report also said the pandemic response structure is too cumbersome, with more than 500 people now taking part in decision-making.

Ford says the report only undermines the province’s health team, and he won’t stand for it.

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