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Westjet avoids a strike
The union representing about 800 ground staff in Calgary and Vancouver won’t be going on strike against Westjet tomorrow.
It’s reached a tentative agreement with the airline.
Unifor says details will be released after a ratification vote is held.
The union represents support staff such as baggage handlers and check-in agents.
It says wages were the biggest issue, which in many cases have not been increased in five

Rogers Emergency Call system
Rogers Communications says it’s making progress in discussions with its competitors, to ensure emergency calls still go through, even if its network goes down.
Federal law says cellphone companies must ensure that 9-1-1 calls can still be made at all times.
But the complete collapse of the Rogers cellphone and internet service earlier this month cut subscribers off.
The company’s president says they’re now working with competitors to ensure that emergency calls are automatically switched to other systems if one company’s service goes out.
He adds Rogers is also working to ensure that its cellphone and internet service never again shut down at the same time.

Ukraine update
Ukrainian officials say they continue preparing for grain shipments to resume from the Black Sea port of Odesa despite a Russian missile attack on Saturday.
The missiles struck less than a day after Ukraine and Russia had signed a deal to resume grain exports.
Ukrainian officials say port infrastructure was damaged, while the Russians claim they were attacking a
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the strike as “barbaric,” adding it shows Russia can’t be trusted to honour agreements.

Photo: Rogers Communication is working with other providers to make sure they have a back up to the back up especially when it comes to 911 calls. Photo –

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