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Long-term care hearings …
The opposition parties say the Ford government’s approval of a motion to bypass public hearings on health care legislation is undemocratic.
The bill would allow hospital patients to be transferred to long-term care facilities outside of their home area, in an effort to open up more hospital beds.
But it’s unclear what the penalty would be if the patient refused.
NDP long-term care critic Wayne Gates says Ontario’s seniors need to be treated with dignity and respect.
The government estimates the move would affect as many as six-thousand people initially.
Premier Doug Ford says they need to be in a home, not a hospital.

AMO powers
The Association of Ontario Municipalities says the provincial government must consult widely with the public, interest groups, and experts before extending its municipal powers legislation.
The government’s bill, nick-named the “strong mayor powers,” would give the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa the right to make certain decisions, such as the approval of new housing developments, without the approval of their council.
Premier Ford has said the powers may be extended to other municipalities in the future.
But the association says many local governments and mayors have concerns about the new rules and those concerns must be addressed.

Ford meets with Trudeau
Premier Ford is meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today.

The session will be held behind closed doors at Queens Park in Toronto.
The discussion topics haven’t been released.
But the call by provincial and territorial premiers for more federal health care funding is likely to top the list.

Cabinet protection
Federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says the government is considering ways of providing
protection for cabinet ministers, following Friday’s verbal assault against Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland in Alberta.
Mendicino says there’s no place for this kind of harassment and intimidation.
He says he’s concerned about the level of safety for all politicians, adding everything is on the table.
Other than the prime minister, cabinet members are usually not provided with security.
However, former environment minister Catherine McKenna was protected by the RCMP after repeated threats during her time in office.

Ukraine on the offensive
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is urging Russian soldiers to flee for home, as his forces launch an offensive in the southern region around the city of Kherson.
For weeks now, Ukrainian artillery have been pounding Russian ammunition dumps in the region, and cutting bridges linking the eastern and western portions of the city.

The Ukrainian military says it’s had success in breaking through the first line of Russian defences in the
But Russia claims the Ukrainian advance has been beaten back.

Photo: Ukraine has gone on the offensive against the Russians in the southern region of the city of Kherson. Photo by Yura Khomitskyi –

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