By Rosalind Russell

Inflation figures expected today

Statistics Canada will release the inflation data for October later this morning and we can expect another increase.

September saw the annual rate sitting at 6.9 percent, down slightly as gas prices fell.

But they’ve been increasing again, and the cost of food continues to skyrocket.

Most analysts are expecting the October rate to top seven per cent.

Day care is not cheap

Parents hoping to take advantage of reduced child care expenses may be out of luck.

The federally-backed program is to reduce the daily cost at licensed day cares to ten dollars a day by September of 2025.

But Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office says, even with a provincial program to create more spaces, there will still be a shortfall of 220-thousand spaces.

The government says it will implement a plan to ensure new spaces go to high-need areas.

Missile hits facility in Poland

Poland’s president says it appears that an explosion in the southeastern part of the country yesterday was a Ukrainian air defence missile that went astray and there was no ill-will intended.
Two people were killed when the rocket slammed into a grain-drying facility about six kilometres from the Ukrainian border.
The strike came as Russia launched its largest-ever missile barrage against Ukraine, hitting a dozen cities.
Air raid sirens are sounding across Ukraine again today.

Trump announces presidential race

As expected, Donald Trump has announced he’ll be running for president again in 2024.

In an announcement from his Florida home, Trump says Americans have yet to feel the pain the Democratic administration will cause across the U-S.

His candidacy comes despite an increasing number of Republican leaders criticizing him for contributing to the party’s relatively poor showing in last week’s mid-term elections.

Republicans managed to regain a slim majority in the House of Representatives but the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats.

To the Moon

NASA is on its way back to the Moon, with the launch of the largest rocket ever built.

The massive Space Launch System blasted off early this morning, after ten weeks of delays caused by technical glitches and the weather.

It’s carrying an uncrewed Orion space capsule on a test flight to circle the moon and return.

A manned mission to orbit the moon is set for 2024, with a landing the following year.

Photo: New inflation figures are expected today. Higher food costs are also expected to have had and continue to have a major effect. Photo –

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