The Global Report – Health care, another flu/COVID surge and enough to eat?

By Rosalind Russell-

Putting together a plan for health care
The Ford government is to release details, later this morning, of its plan to stabilize the situation in
Ontario’s hospitals.
Many have been forced to temporarily close services, such as emergency rooms, due to staff shortages.
Health Minister Sylvia Jones says the government can’t continue to support the status quo because it’s not working.
The proposal will include expansion of a plan that allows paramedics to take patients to locations other than an emergency room, or treat them on-scene if their condition doesn’t require hospital attention.
Reports say it will also allow the government to move patients to long-term care homes outside their community, if they no longer need to be in hospital.
The government has come under fire for refusing to rule out private health care in its search for solutions.
But Premier Doug Ford says any such a move will still be covered under OHIP.

Doctors and the flu and COVID
Ontario doctors are urging people to keep up with their vaccinations, as flu season approaches.
At an Ontario Medical Association panel yesterday, several doctors warned that, as we move indoors as summer ends, the number of influenza and COVID-19 cases will rise.
They’re concerned about the pressure that will place on hospitals already under strain.

Food insecurity
A University of Toronto study finds almost 16 per cent of households across Canada suffered food insecurity in 2021 and the situation isn’t improving.
That’s almost six-million people 1.4-million of them children.
The report defines food insecurity as inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial reasons.
In Ontario, the rate is even higher, at 16.1 per cent.
The study’s authors say the level and persistence of food insecurity in Canada is “disturbing.”
They’re hoping the results direct more government effort into helping those families on low incomes.

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