The GLOBAL REPORT — privatization of health care, Snowbirds grounded and more …

By Rosalind Russell-

Health care and privatization in Ontario
Ontario’s New Democratic Party says it is “horrified” to hear that private health care may be in the works, as a way of solving problems at the province’s hospitals.
With emergency rooms being forced to temporarily close, Health Minister Sylvia Jones says “all options are on the table” as the government looks for solutions.
Jones says other jurisdictions around the world have different health care options available, and they’ll be looking at all of them.
The NDP’s interim leader, Peter Tabuns, says any health care privatization would be a “disaster” for Ontario.
The party’s health critic, France Gelinas says they’re concerned the government is failing to act on the health care crisis so they can bring in private health care services.

Lack of police training
Ontario’s ombudsman says he’s concerned by what he calls “painfully slow” progress in establishing standardized de-escalation training for police across the province.
Paul Dube made the recommendation six years ago, and it was accepted by the government of the time.
But he says that, since then, the patchwork of training remains in place.
Dube adds there’s been no follow-up on other changes he’s recommended, including stricter rules for the use of force by police, and the wearing of body cameras.

Snowbirds grounded
The RCAF’s aerobatic demonstration team, the Snowbirds, has been grounded again.
The Defence department says the halt will continue until an investigation is completed into an incident in northern B-C last week.
One of the team’s Tutor aircraft suffered a mechanical problem on takeoff, and had to execute a hard landing.
The military says the team will have to cancel its appearances until it’s been determined their aircraft are safe to fly.

Russian warplanes destroyed
Ukrainian officials say a dozen warplanes were destroyed in a massive series of explosions at a Russian air base in occupied Crimea earlier this week.
Russia denies the allegation but satellite photos show the burnt-out remains of at least seven fighters.
Russia claims the explosions at an ammunition dump were accidental and Ukraine isn’t claiming responsibility.
But several western analysts say it’s possible Ukraine used long-range missiles to make the strike.
Reports from Crimea say Russian civilians have begun fleeing the area in the wake of the incident.

Drought and heat wave in Europe
Western Europe continues to be oppressed by a massive heat wave.
Officials in France are calling it the worst drought on record, while Britain has issued another extreme heat warning, to run through the weekend.
Firefighters are trying to get a handle on a massive wildfire burning in southeastern France, near the city of Bordeaux.
More than ten-thousand people have been ordered from their homes.

Photo: The Canadian Snowbirds are grounded after problems with one of its planes. (Supplied by Pixabay)

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