The Great Canadian Woman: She Is Strong And Free Volume II

A Massey woman is featured in the book
The Great Canadian Woman compiled of stories about woman and their accomplishments.
Cynthia (Cindy) Goch-Stewart of Massey is one of the 18 women from across Canada featured in the book.
She says each story stands on its own with each woman providing a unique view of the modern Canadian woman.
Goch-Stewart says it is made up of stories of adversity and challenge in the hope of encouraging empathy, compassion and most of all inspiration for other women facing similar situations.
The book was also published locally by Espanola’s own Sarah Swain.
“The Great Canadian Woman is not only the famous, acclaimed woman,’ says Goch-Stewart. “She is each of us who are facing challenges and showing up daily for ourselves, our families and our communities. The Great Canadian Woman is you, and she is me.
“In sharing our stories of adversity and challenge we hope to encourage empathy, compassion, and most of all inspiration among other women in similar situations. Nothing is worse when facing a challenge than feeling like you are alone in your struggle. In honestly sharing our experiences we can help grow as a community of women and help support each other.”
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