TOPP SET TO ARRIVE IN OTTAWA JUNE 30TH … drives into the city for meeting with MPs … Topp met with them yesterday … Topp told the MPs that a number of groups formed out of the Freedom Convoy had come under one umbrella to continue protesting.

By Rosalind Russell-

According to media reports, he states their issue is not so much with mandates anymore, it’s their satisfaction with the federal government.

“There is a divide in this country I have never seen or experienced before — I’ve only ever seen it in a war zone.”

Topp has been met with support in communities as he travelled across the country, and it’s expected many will gather in Ottawa on June 30 to be there when he officially finishes his march.

The small group of MPs greeted him in what he characterized as a “well-received” meeting.

“I get that they have busy schedules, I’m sure there are things going on in the background that I’m not aware of, that’s their business, not mine,” he said. “The fact is the ones that showed up here did extend us the courtesy and did recognize what it took to get them in the room.”

In total, around 20 MPs were in attendance Wednesday. Topp says he had invited all MPS to meet with him.

Photos – James Topp FB site

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