Town donates to physician recruitment in Espanola

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola has five doctors and three nurse practitioners, but there are still orphaned patients who need a physician of their own.

Town Clerk Joseph Burke says council works with the hospital and community partners to attract health care workers including doctors to the area.

Espanola qualifies for six doctors, so to assist the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre, the council approved the annual donation of $20,000.

Burke says those funds help with recruitment campaigns, as well as assistance with accommodation and relocation.

The Espanola and Area Family Health Team includes five Family Physicians, three Nurse Practitioners, three Registered Nurses, one Diabetic Nurse Educator, four Registered Practical Nurses, two Registered Dieticians, two Registered Social Workers, one Addictions Navigator (RAAM), one Manager and a team of Medical Receptionists.

Photo: Espanola council approved the annual donation of $20,000 to the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre adding it provides the hospital with additional resources to help recruit physicians to the area, including assistance with accommodations, relocation, and recruitment campaigns. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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