Turkey/Syria suffers devastating earthquake

By Rosalind Russell – The death toll from yesterday’s earthquake in central Turkey and northeastern Syria has surpassed six-thousand with an official from the World Health Organization stating it could top 20 thousand.   

The work of rescue crews is being hampered by freezing cold temperatures and heavy rain following the seven-point-eight quake.  

Stephanie Christensen, the Executive Director of ShelterBox Canada, a charity that hand-delivers emergency shelter for families devastated by natural disasters and conflict, says they have sent a response team to help.

Christensen adds that ShelterBox has experience working in the region, supporting Syrian refugees, and in Turkey, most notably the 2011 Van earthquake.  

Anyone who wishes to help is asked to donate directly to Red Cross – Red Crescent organization at red-cross-dot-c-a.

The Canadian government has pledged 10 million dollars in immediate aid to both countries. 

Photo: ShelterBox Canada, based out of Oakville, Ontario is providing portable shelters to the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. To learn more about the organization, visit: www.shelterboxcanada.org

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