Unusual book by local author almost sells out first edition

By Rosalind Russell – The founder of Planet Karma and a digital presence on social media has settled in Massey and written a book from a very different angle.

Guillaume McMartin was making a cross-country tour on his bicycle last year to raise awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. He got a flat in Whitefish River First Nation and his temporary stop became a more permanent one after falling in love with the region.

The founder of the site Planet Karma, spreads a message of goodwill and hosts podcasts out of Massey when he is not writing.

He produced his first book with the first printing almost sold out.

His book, Entitled the Messenger, the Untold Journey is a story about Jesus in his twenties and his travels before he took his message of peace to the masses.

Entitled The Messenger, the Untold Journey he says it is respectful and gives people a different viewpoint of an important person in human history adding he will be doing a second printing.

To buy the book or for more information about McMartin’s adventures, visit  https://www.facebook.com/guillaume.mcmartin or https://www.facebook.com/planetkarma1/

Photo: A new book by a local area author focuses on the life of Jesus in his twenties. Guillaume Martin says the interest has been so high, he will have to produce a second printing. Photos provided by GM and used with permissions.

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