Volunteers needed to assist with snowmaking cable installation at Boogie Mountain

By Rosalind Russell – Sometimes Mother Nature needs a bit of help, so in the interest of making snow, Boogie Mountain in Espanola is looking for volunteers to help install some equipment.

Tom Hutchinson, the general manager of the facility, says they want to lay a big cable from the bottom to the top of the mountain as part of the snowmaking equipment.

He says once that is done, the trench will have to be buried and covered with cement, up to 130 bags will be used to seal it in and meet safety standards.

Hutchinson says the project is a go rain or shine and volunteers will be needed from 9 am to 4 pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

He adds a barbecue will be held for the volunteers.

Anyone wishing to help or wanting more information can message him on Facebook or call the facility directly.

 The number to call is 705-869-1740 or visit https://www.facebook.com/espanolaboogiemountain

Photo: Volunteers are needed this weekend to help install cable for snowmaking equipment at Boogie Mountain. Everyone is invited to take part for a few hours or the entire weekend and high school students can also get their volunteer hours as well. Photo provided by Boogie Mountain.

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