Water main break affects businesses in Elliot Lake

By Rosalind Russell Several businesses in Elliot Lake have been affected by a water main break.
Tim Gillingham the manager of Public Works says the break occurred on Monday night and is affecting several businesses including Napa, Rona, and the offices of the Ministry of Transportation.
He says because of the emergency, the water line has been shut down and repairs are underway adding it will not be turned back on until the work is completed.
Gillingham suggests users in nearby areas run their water taps for a minimum of 20 minutes before using any appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers to clear any possible water discolouration, adding to not use hot water because it could damage water tanks.
He did not say when the repairs would be completed, but the work will be carried out as quickly as possible.
Should anyone have any questions or concerns, call (705) 848-2287 ext. 2600.

Photo: There has been a water main break in Elliot Lake, which is affecting several businesses. Repairs are underway. Photo – unsplash.com

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