Who won? We don’t know yet

President Donald Trump is claiming victory in yesterday’s election, even though millions of ballots across the country are still being counted.

At an early morning news conference, Trump said he’ll go to the Supreme Court to halt the further counting of ballots, claiming that a massive fraud is being perpetrated on the American people.

That’s likely a reference to the millions of mail-in ballots that were cast during this year’s vote.

Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are in a close race in the Electoral College, which ultimately determines the winner.

Each state is allotted College votes based on their population…..and all but two give their entire slate to the winner in their state, no matter how close the outcome.

But many states are continuing to count ballots, and have not declared for one candidate or the other.

Biden’s campaign manager is accusing Trump of a “naked effort to take away the democratic rights of American citizens,” and is promising that her legal teams will respond vigorously to any court action.

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