Wiikwemkoong Elders Home Capital Campaign gets a boost

By Rosalind Russell – The Wiikwemkoong Elders Home Capital Campaign is well underway with a recent telethon and donation by another community on Manitoulin Island.

Ogimaa Kwe Rachel Manitowabi extended thanks to M’Chigeeng First Nation for its $10,000 donation, as well as accepting a second cheque for $6,000 from the volunteers who hosted a local Christmas Telethon earlier this month.

She says their current non-profit Wikwemikong Nursing Home is one of only four long-term care facilities in Ontario geared to First Nations.

Considered a ‘state of the art’ facility when it was built in 1972, she says it no longer meets current provincial standards, so the community is looking at constructing a new facility to house 98 beds.

Manitowabi adds the fundraising will continue since the licencing for the home will expire in 2025.

Donations to the campaign can be made by visiting the website: https://www.honouringourelders.ca/ways-to-give/

Photo: Wiikwemkoong hosted a Christmas Telethon earlier in December to raise funds for the local Elders Home Capital Campaign. Ogimaa Kwe Rachel Manitowabi accepted the $6,000 from the telethon and a second cheque for $10,000 from M’Chigeeng First Nation. The funds are going towards a capital campaign to build a new $19-million long-term care facility within the community. Photos provided by Wiikwemkoong Capital Fund Campaign

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