Ontario — Where The Pandemic Has Mutated Into Pandemonium!

COVID-19 joke: two cops walk into a church… and get fined $880 each. Except nobody’s laughing because it’s true. Toronto off-duty police officers Sgt. Julie Evans and Sgt. Greg Boltyansky were charged by local police with illegally attending a gathering … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Grassroots art sends a strong message as we mark Red Dress Day

If you see a red dress hanging in a public space you are witnessing a true, grassroots movement, the REDress Project.   The brainchild of visual artist Jamie Black, the REDress Project is rooted in political action that the artist witnessed … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 200430

The other day I had an opportunity to speak at length with a senior constituent about some concerns she needed assistance with.  At some point during our conversation, she mentioned that in her lifetime she has had not only several … Continue reading

Fully Loaded Burger Bowls

Recipe For carb-avoiders, this is a new way to enjoy burgers without the bun. You serve all the toppings in the burgers themselves by shaping the burger into a little bowl instead of a patty. Feel free to add your … Continue reading

As COVID Stupidity Sticks Out Its Chest, Humour Pokes It In The Ribs.

Contrary to the common perception, COVID-19 and its sinister siblings did not cause mass stupidity; they just gave it a huge world-wide stage on which to strut its stuff. The list of classic coronavirus clowns is now longer than the … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Budget not designed to cause an election

Political pundits say the government wants an election, but this week’s 700-page budget didn’t play into that narrative.  Instead, it appears designed to secure the votes they need to pass it.  That was done by peppering the budget with enough … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park for 210423

I enjoyed a recent opportunity to connect with an old friend of mine who is a retired special education teacher.  We were sharing some experiences about occasions where we have come across questionable decisions being made. My friend shared with … Continue reading


Recipe A friend shared this recipe with me after making it for her family; she said they all loved it. Shakshuka is a North African and Middle Eastern meal of poached eggs in a simmering tomato sauce with spices. It’s … Continue reading

Helicopters, Cars And Taxi Cabs — The COVID Snowbird Express

So I theoretically bump into this savvy, semi-fictional, seniors couple in the town of Fort Erie and… “Hey! You’re American! How’d you get across the border?” “We’re not Americans, we’re Canadians.” “Then why are you wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park for 210416

Stress is not something that we generally think of in a positive light.  Stress, however, can actually have positive effect on our lives.  For example, stress can be a useful motivator in getting ourselves to take action, learn and prepare … Continue reading