Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ Column – Amid Food Insecurity, Now is the Time for a National School Food Program

Food bank usage across the country is at its highest level since 1989, according to Food Bank Canada. We know that people are struggling to put nutritious food on their tables, and its affecting everyone. Large grocery chains like Loblaws … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Canadians Need Clarity on Oil and Gas Price Gouging

Most Canadians are obviously feeling the financial pinch these days. Inflation, while definitely coming down from the massive highs of 2022, still averaged 3.9 percent in 2023, according to Statistics Canada, which is still nearly double the Bank of Canada’s … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Federal Government Failing First Nations Policing

Last year, some may remember some major breaking stories in The Globe and Mail and the Manitoulin Expositor about contract negotiation and other serious issues surrounding the First Nations and Inuit Policing Program (FNIPP). Essentially, three First Nations police services, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – We Need Better Protections for Renters in Budget 2024

The Finance Minister has signaled that the next Federal budget will be released on April 16th. She has indicated that the topline focus of the budget will primarily be on affordability issues, which should come as little surprise to anyone, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Calls to Reopen Day School Survivor Application Process Grow

Much like the residential school program, the Federal government was responsible for atrocious human rights abuses at the hands of their Indian day school system. It was a system that mirrored the residential school system, forcing an estimated 200,000 First … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Billion Dollar Accounting Error a Burden on Our Veterans

Recently, a Federal Court judge signed off on a class-action settlement between Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) that will see taxpayers’ foot the $1 billion bill for a minor accounting error. That error was made by VAC staff back in 2002 … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Bell Layoffs Another Clear Example of Corporate Bloodsucking

Recently, Bell Media gave layoff notices to an astonishing 4,800 people across their broadcasting arms in television and radio and also announced it would be selling 45 of its 103 regional radio stations. To call this a dark day for … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – ArriveCan Development a Textbook Example of Public Waste

Earlier this week, Auditor General Karen Hogan released her long-awaited report on the costs associated with the development of the much-derided ArriveCan app. The report is a scathing indictment of the government’s procurement process during the early Covid-19 pandemic, and … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – We Need to Make Voting Easier for Canadians

If there’s one thing in politics that is sacrosanct, it’s the right to vote. Voting is the most fundamental expression of what a person wants out of their local representative, as well as the direction they want the country to … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Sale of Canada Post IT Services Goes Against Government’s Outsourcing Claims

Over the years, the Federal government has increasingly relied on outsourcing to private companies to get work done. While there will always be outsourcing of services that the government is ill-equipped to do themselves, the rate in which they, and … Continue reading