Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ Column- Alberta Discussion of Leaving CPP Problematic for Canadian Unity

Recently, the Alberta government has floated the idea of removing the province from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). This was not a significant point of debate in the recent Alberta election, and it’s slightly baffling why it has all of … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Cuts to DND Budget Cannot Impact Service People

Government ministers have been tasked with finding $15 billion in government spending cuts as they attempt to reign in spending and look for ways to cut discretionary waste between 2023 and 2028. Budget 2023 laid out plans for the government … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – We Can Bolster Local Economies and Protect the Environment at the Same Time

There seems to be this persistent yet false idea that working to protect our environment comes with unintended negative consequences for our economy. A large part of this may be fear driven by those industries whose financial stake is driven … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Continues to Remind Us of Important Work Ahead

September 30th marks Canada’s third official National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This day is meant to honour Indigenous, Inuit and Métis peoples who have suffered at the hands of Canada’s residential school system and gives each of us a … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Record Wildfire Season May Signal Need for National Fire Team

As we enter the last days of summer, it’s important to reflect on what has been Canada’s worst wildfire season on record, bar none. The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), a not-for-profit corporation owned and operated by the federal, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Phoenix Pay System Debacle Highlights Need for Replacement

It’s been over a decade since the previous Conservative government began to implement the now-infamous Phoenix pay system for public servants. What was initially supposed to be a cost-saving measure for future governments has now ballooned completely out of control. … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – International Students Shouldn’t be Blamed for Housing Crunch

The cost of basic shelter is a hot-button issue for many people these days, particularly for youth. Housing prices are at a peak never experienced in Canada before, and along with it, rent costs have exploded. The cost of a … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Small Businesses Need More Time to Recoup

Small businesses are the engine that drives Canada’s economy. As of December 2021, there were 1.21 million employer businesses in Canada, and of those, the vast majority (1.19 million, or 98 percent) were small businesses. They employ two-thirds of the … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Cabinet Shuffle Must Mean Changing Priorities, Not Just Changing Faces

At the end of July, the Prime Minister made some significant changes to his cabinet.  While cabinet shuffles are a fairly normal part of governing, this particular shuffle has felt a little different. It’s clear that there are several big … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Northern Ontario Riding Redistribution Hurts Northern Ontario

It’s been almost a year since the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario first submitted their proposal to change the electoral map, proposing to eliminate Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, and reducing the total number of ridings across Northern Ontario, from ten to nine. … Continue reading