Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ column – Budget not designed to cause an election

Political pundits say the government wants an election, but this week’s 700-page budget didn’t play into that narrative.  Instead, it appears designed to secure the votes they need to pass it.  That was done by peppering the budget with enough … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Day of Mourning takes on urgent tone in pandemic

Every year on April 28th Canadians observe the Day of Mourning to remember those who have become ill, been injured, or even killed at work.  It is often marked by important ceremonies across the riding, including the annual gathering at … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Volunteerism is the heartbeat of our communities

Volunteer week (April 18-24) will soon be upon us, offering an opportunity to thank those who give freely of themselves to make our communities better by way of a familiar ingredient – effort.  That is what allows so many of … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Consumers hit as costs go up

The ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week did more than captivate social media.  It created a logjam for goods being shipped through this critical link, which are expected to create global shortages, one of … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Take profits out of long-term care to ensure care is the first consideration

The pandemic has shown Canadians there is a cost for underinvestment in our health care system.  Just ask families who lost their loved ones in long-term care (LTC) facilities across the country. Despite the health-related needs these centres cater to, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Where is the competition in Canada’s telecom sector?

The internet is always a concern in Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing where the challenges range from connectivity to cost and every imaginable aspect in between.  It is a revolutionary technology, but the promise of that revolution hasn’t truly settled on northern or remote … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Changing the Elections Act for the pandemic

In a minority parliament there will always be speculation on how the next election will be triggered.  Scenarios run from government’s that engineer their own defeat to those that fall on their best intentions or even by accident. Under normal … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – No help for Canadians who can’t afford their medication

When the Liberals and Conservatives voted against the NDP’s bill to make universal pharmacare for all a reality in Canada they did more than leave behind millions of Canadians in need of help, they also showed whose side they’re on … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Women should be the centre of our economic recovery

There’s no doubt the last year has been tough.  What began as reports of a novel virus in late December 2019, snowballed into a full-blown pandemic that defined the entirety of 2020, while testing our preparedness at every turn.  The … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Finger pointing won’t help vaccinate Canadians

You don’t have to look too far to learn that Canada has fallen behind other countries in our vaccination efforts.  Even when compared against jurisdictions that struggled earlier in the pandemic, we aren’t fairing well.  In the United States and … Continue reading