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Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that 30-40% of our food supply becomes food waste?!When we consider the land, water, labour, energy and other inputs used in producing, processing, transporting, preparing, storing, and disposing of this discarded food – PHEWF! – the impacts … Continue reading

Herbal Bath Soak

Herbal Bath Soak If you’ve been reading my columns lately, I’m sure you can tell that I’m always searching for ways to use the things growing around me. I’ve found a new recipe that I’d love to share! It’s for … Continue reading

Wild Tea

Wild Tea Did you know that a number of common plants can be brewed into tasty teas with medicinal properties?! It’s true! This is something I’ve been playing around with – not only using plants from my garden, but also … Continue reading

Tips for Harvesting

Tips for Harvesting If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a dinner table full of veggies grown in your own backyard – they’re fresh, nutrient-dense, and have a very small carbon footprint (no travel involved!). If you planted a … Continue reading

Local Adventures

Local Adventures As a result of COVID-19, most people have been keeping their travels local this summer – which sounds good to me! Local travel has a much smaller impact on mother earth than lengthy trips in the car or … Continue reading

DIY Natural Deodorant

DIY Natural Deodorant It has been HOT here lately and hot weather means sweaty, stinky armpits! Over the years I have experimented with many different natural deodorants. I prefer to avoid traditional, chemical-filled antiperspirants that are believed to cause a … Continue reading

Houseplant Tips & Tricks

You may have noticed lately that houseplants are all the rage – and I’m here for it! My house is home to over 30 different leafy babies and I think it’s a wonderful way to connect with nature inside our … Continue reading

Getting Creative with Water Conservation

Getting Creative with Water Conservation Did you know that 71% of the earth is covered in water, and of that 71%, only 0.5% is available to us as fresh drinkable water?! This is why preserving and conserving this precious resource … Continue reading

Hiking with Your Furry Friend

Hiking with Your Furry Friend It’s officially hiking season, which means I’m bringing my new puppy out on the trails! Here are a few basic guidelines I have been following to keep my pup happy and safe on our adventures: … Continue reading

Local Hippie’s weekly tip – Drying Fresh Herbs

Welcome to Local Hippie’s weekly tip for living a greener life! Each week we will provide you with a quick tip to help you reduce your carbon footprint and change the world. Drying Fresh Herbs There’s nothing better than using … Continue reading