Getting Creative with Water Conservation

Getting Creative with Water Conservation

Did you know that 71% of the earth is covered in water, and of that 71%, only 0.5% is available to us as fresh drinkable water?! This is why preserving and conserving this precious resource is so important.

Water conservation is extra important in the summertime, as our water usage tends to increase with the rising temperatures. We all know we can save water by having shorter showers or turning off the tap while we brush our teeth – but I’ve compiled a list of a few, more creative, ways to conserve:

1. Put a large bucket or bowl in your sink when rinsing fruits and vegetables. Use the collected water to water your plants.
2. If you’re running a dehumidifier in your home, you can also use this collected water to water your plants or add soap and wash your floors!
3. If your kids want to beat the heat, set them up with a sprinkler on a part of your lawn that needs watering.
4. Place rain barrels or buckets at the bottom of your eavestrough downspout. Use this water to water grass, plants, or animals (like chickens & rabbits).
5. If you steam vegetables, save the water and use it to start vegetable stock for your recipes.

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