All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Dark Times And Black Humour — The Comedians Is A Beautiful Distraction.

“Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” For anyone who has stood before a group of people with the intention of making them laugh, those words are not a quote. They’re an epitaph. In surveys about panic and anxiety, no less … Continue reading

Trucks, Truckers And Trouble With A Capital “T”.

In 1896 when the German inventor Gottlieb Daimler converted a horse-drawn cart into a vehicle driven by a two-cycle gas engine, thereby creating the truck, he could not find a single buyer in all of Germany. There’s an awful lot … Continue reading

Classic Newspaper Headlines Reveal More About People Than The Press.

A newspaper headline is designed to grab your attention, sum up the story below it and entice you to read the body of the article. Over the years, good, bad, ridiculous and great headlines have become famous and infamous in … Continue reading

We’re Losing The Battle To Reverse Global Weirdness

Internationally, weirdness is off to a rollicking start just one month into the new year.In Myanmar, former leader Aung San Suu Kyi was sentenced to four years in prison for using a walkie talkie. Presumably, if she’d have been caught … Continue reading

Reason, Bribing and Shaming Failed. Let’s Try ‘Tough Logic’ On The Anti-Vaxxers.

The provinces of Ontario and Quebec have always enjoyed a robust trade arrangement with cars and precious metals going east while aluminum and airplanes came this way. So a massive unprecedented blockbuster trade in today’s volatile world might be rare … Continue reading

Personal Tips For Better Driving — Burn After Reading

Like just about everything else, our driving habits have gone to hell during this two-year pandemic nightmare. Right from the get-go, police were reporting more speeding, more stunt driving and the general cutting of corners on safe, defensive driving.Young male … Continue reading

A Few Life Lessons For The Year Ahead — Trust 2022

Outnumbered by Chinese troops during the Korean War with air support and reinforcements snowed in 20 miles away, American Colonel Lewis B. Puller had two marine regiments trapped in the Chosin Reservoir and surrounded by 60,000 enemy troops. At 25°F … Continue reading

Crazy, Curious And Witty Things Were Said In 2021

Really famous people made some outrageously false statements last year.After the horrific chaos at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport which saw thousands of desperate people swarming departing planes and some falling from the fuselage was followed by a suicide bombing that killed … Continue reading

My 2021 Top 15 COVID S**T Show Memorable Moments

I will apologize up front for the profanity but — if it begins with a run on toilet paper, if it involves two agonizing years of masking, distancing, and isolation, if we still have a bunch of a- -holes refusing … Continue reading

Last Month Was Stranger Than Lips On A Woodpecker!

This last stretch of strange began when I was scanning the weekend NYT Book Review and spotted a just-released bestseller titled Is Superman Circumcised? If it’s a question, I’m guessing ‘yes’ and quite likely a jackhammer and a hatchet were … Continue reading