All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Who Has Become Stranger Since The Pandemic? Us Or The Animals?

Last month I thought when a lobster fisherman in Maine ended up in the mouth of a humpback whale only to be unceremoniously spit out like a cherry pit because he did not taste nearly as good as an octopus… … Continue reading

As The Lockdown Lifts, Society Shifts… To The Wrong Side.

Now that we have apparently, allegedly and for the most part, controlled but not beaten COVID-19, we are about to be inundated with lists of protocols on how to socially reconnect with a world that’s been shackled and on house … Continue reading

Oh, How I Miss An Open Border – Not The Crossing But The Comedy

Open or closed? Fully vaccinated or permanent resident? Essential workers or spouses in separation? Confusion reigns along our 8, 891-kilometre, international border, For now the ‘toilet seat’ principle remains in effect. As hard as we try, we can’t quite ‘wishful … Continue reading

‘The Heat Dome’ — Hotter Than The Hinges On The Gates Of Hell.

As I’m writing this, the heatwave that is scorching western North America is being designated as ‘historic’. Areas along the Pacific Northwest and into Western Canada were expected to break long-standing heat records, threaten power grids and endanger pets and … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories — Fun With Fakery And Falsehoods

Conspiracy theories — so easy to make up, so hard to disprove. Why do so many people believe in crazy-ass, far-fetched political plots these days? First, everything from religion to the spotted owl has been politicized and then disputed by … Continue reading

I’m Starting Not To Love This Country

It was only five years ago that former U.S. President Barak Obama, while addressing the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa declared: “The world needs more Canada.” Highlighting our acceptance of refugees and immigrants, our kindness, our tolerance and our trademark politeness … Continue reading

Men Are Not Just Idiots Who Do Stupid Things. We’re Also Highly Entertaining.

Two weeks ago Troy Campbell pulled his car onto the shoulder of Hwy #407 in Pickering and video taped his wife Erika giving birth in the passenger seat. Taking instructions by phone from a midwife and a 911 dispatcher, Erika … Continue reading

Numbers Don’t Lie. But They Do Scream: “Why?!?”

Great philosophers have claimed that numbers rule the universe but they did not foresee the day in which they would also drive us nuts. For instance, did you ever think that waking up to the statistic of 804 people testing … Continue reading

Finally! Police Are Cracking Down On Drunks, Speeders and Twelve-Year-Olds Drivers.

“This is crazy. I’ve never seen this in my life,” said an agitated 911 caller after confronting a kid driving erratically on a road in York Region on the first day of May. “I pull up and I’m like ‘how … Continue reading

Vaccination — The Price Is Right For The Reluctant And the Refusers.

Overnight ‘pop ups’ with long lines of customers involving vaccinations instead of food trucks. “Doses After Dark” which sounds like a public address warning about the re-emergence of gonorrhea. An American pharmaceutical chain pays John Legend to star in their … Continue reading