Reason, Bribing and Shaming Failed. Let’s Try ‘Tough Logic’ On The Anti-Vaxxers.

The provinces of Ontario and Quebec have always enjoyed a robust trade arrangement with cars and precious metals going east while aluminum and airplanes came this way. So a massive unprecedented blockbuster trade in today’s volatile world might be rare but not impossible.
Straight up — Premier Doug Ford and his entire cabinet for Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault and permission for the Toronto Maple Leafs to talk to Montreal goaltender Carey Price.
Unlike ‘Dithering Doug,’ the premier of Quebec is behaving like a real leader, putting lives above politics and actually following through on tough decisions as this pandemic becomes more dangerous and pervasive by the day.
In this war against an airborne enemy, Legault has the anti-vaxxers clearly in his crosshairs while Ford seems reluctant to alienate them for fear of losing their support in an election less than five months down the road.
You had to love it when Premier Legault pushed the magic button — no vaccination, then no cannabis purchases and no entry to liquor stores. Quebec’s attendance at walk-in vaccination clinics jumped from 1500 a day before his announcement to 6000 the day after. Yeah, he finally found their sweet spot!
Said Legault’s Health Minister Christian Dubé: “If they can’t protect themselves, we will protect them against themselves. So that’s where we are — enacting laws to force people to save their own lives.”
At the outset of this viral nightmare two years ago the “plague enthusiasts” were a Canadian curiosity as they held rallies with protest signs that invoked the words “Hoax”, “Slavery” and “Holocaust”.
Then they held anti-vaxxing children’s carnivals in public parks. Unmasked, they face-painted the kids and blew up balloon animals. Suddenly they weren’t just a threat to themselves.
Then they attacked ambulances and stalked doctors and nurses and they became anti-social criminals that the authorities would not arrest.
Now this gang of dangerous, “pro-diseasers” are hogging all our hospital beds and occupying our precious ICU units with their self-induced COVID infections.
Estimated to be about 6% of Canada’s 29.5 million adults population, these advocates of junk science and conspiracy yarns are swarming our hospital wards, while law-abiding vaccinated Canadians who require life or death surgery get pushed further down the waiting lists. This is beyond the pale.
In France, they’re pushing their disillusional deadbeats to the outskirts of society by banning them from trains, restaurants and theatres. In Austria and Greece the non-vaccinated will pay huge fines every three months. In Italy all workers over 50 will be either vaccinated or laid off and others banned from public places.
Can somebody please explain to me why I have to show proof of vaccination in a restaurant while anti-vaxxers are walking around supermarkets and Walmart without masks, claiming they have an exemption?!? And when I have a word with the manager, he tells me he’s not allowed to ask about their so called exemption!
Since nothing from scolding to begging worked, I think it’s time to try ‘tough logic’. Let’s say you’re a member of the anti-vaxxer fringe rejecting sound medical science while believing God or a medicine that de-worms horses is going to keep you safe from the virus then you will not like hospitals. Once you see doctors in hospitals using machines to keep the lungs working, inserting cameras up bums and surgically replacing kidneys with ones that have been grown by a pig — your hair is going to catch on fire. No, hospitals are no place for people who believe the pandemic is a hoax and places of vaccinations are “Nazi-like” camps.
So your health card is not good to you? We just cancelled it.
Now would the rest of us sleep well if we completely barred you from medical treatment when you accidentally get whacked with a “My Body! My Choice” sign at your next rally? No. We’re setting up a special hospital system just for you. It’s called ‘triage’. Heated tents in parking lots.
Can our healthcare system afford to run the triage with doctors and nurses that you already stalked, threatened and trolled online? No. Those looking after you will be first and second-year med school drop outs and nurses who also refuse to be vaccinated. (There really should be some sort of ‘Omicron Oscar for Irony’ for a healthcare worker who mistrusts science!)
Should you come down with the virus, you can choose your own treatment. You want the “Trump bleach in the belly” cure? Hydroxychloroquine? Ivermectin? Name it, you got it although ‘bathing in the blood of Jesus’ is going to be a tough one to arrange.
Entertainment? Maxime Bernier and Randy Hillier will put on a show juggling glass viles of the next variant while singing show tunes.
It’s $500-a-day at the Anti-Vaxx Triage Camp. Bring cash and mittens because gaps in the supply chain are messing with the propane tanks. The best news is, we’re in for a very cold winter, so refrigerated trucks will not be unnecessary.
Or, as Novax Dorkovic learned the hardware — just get the damn jab. It’ll not only save your life and maybe ours, it’ll give you immediate access back into the human race.
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