Houseplant Tips & Tricks

You may have noticed lately that houseplants are all the rage – and I’m here for it! My house is home to over 30 different leafy babies and I think it’s a wonderful way to connect with nature inside our homes. Over the years, I’ve learned many tips and tricks to help my plants thrive and this week I’m going to share a few with you:

– Clean your plants: Dust on the leaves of your plants can reduce their ability to photosynthesize (feed themselves). Clean them by placing them in your bathtub and showering them with lukewarm water OR gently wiping each leaf with a damp cloth or sponge.

– Group them together: Plants release water vapor through their leaves during the process of transpiration, so groups of plants can create a little pocket of humidity in a dry house.

– Fill a saucer with water: Another way to create humidity for your plants is to place your potted plant on top of or beside a saucer with water. As the water naturally evaporates, it will increase the humidity level around the plant. If you’re placing your pot on top, be sure to put some pebbles in the saucer to still allow water to exit the drainage holes.

– Use sheer curtains: believe it or not, too much direct sun can hurt your plants by drying them out and scorching their leaves. Try hanging sheer curtains on your windows to give them the right amount of filtered sunlight.

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