This week’s tip is for COMPOSTING!

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This week’s tip is for COMPOSTING!

Spring is just around the corner (thank goodness!) and there is no better time to set up your compost bin if you don’t already have one. Composting is an excellent and earth-friendly way to deal with food waste & scraps. Below are two lists of things you can and cannot compost to help you. Cut them out and stick them on your fridge for quick reference!

– Vegetable/fruit peels & scraps
– Egg shells
– Tea leaves
– Coffee grounds
– Lint
– Saw dust from untreated wood
– Autumn leaves
– Pet fur
– Scrap paper

– Meat & fish scraps
– Bones
– Dog/cat poop
– Fats/lards/oils
– Bread products
– Dairy products

Once the contents of your compost bin has decomposed, add the dark crumbly soil to your gardens & potted plants for a rich nitrogen boost.
Happy gardening!

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