Algoma Public Health sends out 6,000 letters regarding immunization 

By Rosalind Russell – Algoma Public Health has sent out thousands of letters to parents and guardians about the legal obligation for immunizations to attend school in the district. 

Dr. John Tuinema, the Associate Medical Officer of Health, says roughly 6,000 letters have been sent to parents and guardians in Algoma informing them that immunization records for their children aren’t up to date, either because they’re overdue or because the health unit hasn’t received an updated vaccination record. 

He emphasizes preventing infectious disease is a cornerstone of ensuring a safe school environment adding high levels of vaccination contribute to herd immunity which keeps dangerous diseases away from children. 

He says failure to do so could mean students attending elementary or secondary school may receive up to 20 days of suspension adding those suspensions will take place in April and May if students have not received all mandatory vaccines, do not have their immunization records up to date, or have a valid immunization exemption on file. 

Update your child’s immunization record with Algoma Public Health using one of the following options. Please ensure any submission includes your child’s full name and date of birth.  

Enter the vaccine record online at  

Call 705-759-5409 or Toll-Free 1-866-892-0172, ext. 5409.     

Fax the vaccine record to 705-541-5959 (confidential fax).  

Email a picture of their vaccine record to (If you are sending personal information by email, please be aware that electronic communication is not always secure and can be vulnerable to interception) 

If your child requires a vaccine: 

Ensure your child receives any missing immunizations by making an appointment with your health care provider, participating walk-in clinics or with Algoma Public Health. 

Photo: Immunizing your child is legally required to attend a public school in Ontario. Algoma Public Health has sent out over 6,000 letters to parents asking for updated records or vaccinations. Photo CDC – unsplash.

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