Building an observatory in Webbwood

By Rosalind Russell – A Webbwood couple hailing originally for Cobourg, Ontario has plans to build an observatory on their property and put together a volunteer group to encourage the public to look up in the sky and beyond.

David Doherty and Carolyn Wood say they are preparing to install the Dortwood Observatory on their property in the next year.

They already donated a telescope and have held some dark night telescope events with the Sables-Spanish Rivers Township libraries in Massey and Webbwood.

The two say they would also like to build up a volunteer group who want to explore the big sky and bring what is out there closer to Earth.

Their gatherings can take place day or night since there is plenty to see including solar flares during the day or planets such as Venus or Mars in the night skies.

Anyone interested in joining the initiative can visit our websites for the contact links.

Web: Call 905-376-8415 or email

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