Camp Day is just around the corner

By Rosalind Russell – Tim Hortons franchises in our local area are looking for volunteers to make this year’s Camp Day one of the biggest ever!

Volunteers can help on the drive-thru, make coffee, while others can wash windshields or help out staff during Camp Day 2023, which takes place this coming July 19th.

Buy a hot or iced coffee at Tims on Camp Day and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Tims Camps to help underserved youth reach their full potential.

The proceeds from each franchise stays within the local area and assists local kids to go to camp or take part in day camps hosted by Timmy’s.

Volunteer groups, organizations, and service groups, such as police or firefighters are also welcome to take part.

Drop by your local franchise and sign up for the big day and beat last year’s total of $12 million across Canada.

Bracelets are also available for purchase and donations are appreciated as part of the initiative.

Since 1974, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps has supported over 315,000 youth through its multi-year development programs at its seven Tims Camps – at no cost to the youth or their families – along with providing school-based and community-based programming.

Photo: Want to volunteer and help out for Camp Day, drop by your local franchise and sign up. All help gladly accepted. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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