Chick magic at Espanola school

By Rosalind Russell – Some students at an Espanola school got an awesome experience watching little peepers hatch.

Kelly Laderoute is a teacher at Sacred Heart School in Espanola who loves to take a bit of a different approach to teaching the little ones in her care.

This time it was with baby chicks.

“We set up 42 chicken eggs on April 17th and they hatched on May 8th and 9th,” recalls Laderoute. “We ended up with nine healthy chicks from eggs that had been given to us by a local Amish family.”

She says the students learned all about the life cycle of a chicken among many other activities, including candling the eggs.

Laderoute says the chicks were cuddled and every student got their photo taken holding a baby chick. The chicks were then given back to the family where the students received the eggs from.

“Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience for the students,” says Laderoute.

It is certainly an experience the children won’t forget anytime soon.


Photos: 1. Little balls of yellow fluff lit up the faces of some of the children at Sacred Heart School in Espanola. They successfully hatched nine little chicks, which have now been returned to the family who donated the eggs for the learning experience. Photos provided by Kelly Laderoute.


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