Countertop composting pilot project launches in Espanola

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola council approved a 100-household pilot project last week to encourage countertop composting.

Town Clerk Joe Burke says FoodCycle Sciences is offering the FoodCycler, which takes compostable waste and turns it into a component that can be added to soil.

He says it has been identified as an effective tool to help residents reduce volumes of waste being sent to landfills, in turn reducing greenhouse gas emissions and costs of waste disposal.

Burke says as part of the project 100 households can receive a unit by investing $150 for the 2.4-litre unit or $300 for the 5-litre system.

He points out the project is highly subsidized with the town investing $10,000 and other discounts provided by FoodCycle Science and the Impact Canada Fund.

Burke adds the company will be working with the town to assess the pilot to determine whether it is a long-term initiative the town should invest in.

Anyone interested in taking part can contact the town.

Photo: The Town of Espanola will provide 100 households in town with the FoodCycler by making a small investment on the composter. The pilot project will test out whether the use of the system can help reduce waste and greenhouse gases as well as decrease the cost of waste disposal. Photo provided by FoodCycle Sciences.

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