Decision must be made to appoint mayor for Elliot Lake within two months

By Rosalind Russell – Acting Mayor Andrew Wannan will continue in this role in Elliot Lake for the time being.

According to the release, the city plans to continue its ordinary business with Acting Mayor Wannan as the interim head of council.

However, council will have to decide within 60 days to either appoint a person to the position of mayor or hold a by-election to fill the vacancy.

The move follows the Ontario Division Court upholding the lower court’s finding that Mayor Chris Patrie, who was elected in the fall of 2022, had breached the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and that his actions warranted his immediate removal from Council.

He is banned from being a member of council or to sit on any board for two years retroactive to January of this year. Photo: Andrew Wannan will continue in his role as Acting Mayor of Elliot Lake for at least the next two months. Council has 60 days to decide to fill the mayor’s chair vacancy either by appointment or by-election. Zoom photo by Rosalind Russell

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