Despite the rain, new wildfires across the northeast

By Rosalind Russell – Despite the rain over the last 24 hours, there are new wildfires burning across Northeastern Ontario. 

There are currently 35 active wildland fires in the Northeast Region.

Of these, 1 is not under control, 8 are being held, 7 fires are under control and 19 are being observed.

There were no new fires in the Northeast Region today.

The fire hazard varies from low to high in the Cochrane Fire Management Area.

The central portion of the region is showing a mostly low to moderate fire hazard this afternoon after precipitation swept through the area.

Areas located southeast of Mattawa and generally south of Huntsville are showing a moderate to high hazard this evening.

For a closer look at fire hazard conditions in your area, view our interactive map.

Photo: There are now 35 active wildland fires in our region Map – MNRF – Forest Fire Scan

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