Elliot Lake council approves pump track for Kiwanis Park 

By Rosalind Russell – Despite a petition asking for reconsideration of the location of a pump track, which provides various features such as berms and jumps for cyclists, Elliot Lake council has approved the installation. 

A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders “pumping” instead of pedaling. 

Back in March of last year, council learned of a corporate donation of up to $250,000 to benefit community youth recreation. 

The William Lozier Memorial Skate Park located in the Kiwanis Park had opened in 2016 but required extensive repair. 

Council decided to apply the funding to move the skate park to the Kiwanis Ball Diamond, which led to the petition since supporters did not agree with the loss of a ball field. 

Monday night, council accepted the petition, but did not act on it, rather they entered into an agreement with the Canadian Ramp Company to build the Elliot Lake Pump Track. 

Construction will begin in late Spring.  

Photo: Elliot Lake council has approved the construction of a new track system for cyclists at the Kiwanis Park, which will be built where the ball diamond was located. A petition asking for council to reconsider the location was accepted but council choose not to act on it. Design plan screen shots by Rosalind Russell

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