Elliot Lake council defers electric vehicle charger installation – goes to budget

By Rosalind Russell – Elliot Lake council is in no hurry to have an electric vehicle chargers installed in the city, even with grant funding to offset the costs.

Council held an in-depth discussion on whether to install a station at 40 Hillside Drive North with many councillors noting there are few, if any, electric vehicles in the city.

Manager of Economic Development, Steve Antunes, told council the installation of EV chargers would be geared more to tourists at this time with the closest charging stations being in McKerrow and Blind River.

He adds if anyone has an electric vehicle, they will have the necessary charger installed on their own property.

With so many unknowns, such as costs of upgrades, replacement costs, and the doubt that there is a real need at this time, and despite losing a grant, council moved an amendment to defer the motion to the budget process.

Budget talks are expected to begin early in the New Year.

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