Elliot Lake council will fill vacancy by appointment

By Rosalind Russell – Elliot Lake council have agreed unanimously to fill a vacancy on council by appointment.

An intense discussion followed as to whether to make a direct appointment, open it up to candidates who ran in the last election or an open call to the community.

The appointment carries a cost of $500 or so but council will make the final decision on which option by its next meeting in early March.

It was pointed out by Mayor Andrew Wannan that there will be no by-election, which carries a cost of around $59,000.

The vacancy must be filled by April 11th, which is the deadline set under the requirements of the Municipal Act.

Photo: Elliot Lake councillors need a bit more time to decide whether to fill a vacancy by direct appointment, hold an open call, or draw from the previous election list. The final decision is expected by council’s next meeting in March. Photo – Rosalind Russell

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