Elliot Lake council will make decision on a naming contest for the new arts centre

By Rosalind Russell – A new focal point for art in Elliot Lake will need a new name.

Reconstruction of a downtown arts centre in Elliot Lake is well underway and to be prepared for what could be a late Spring opening, the Recreation and Culture Standing Committee will ask council for the go-ahead to hold a naming ceremony.  

Museum Curator Amelia D”Amato made the recommendation, which means council would have to deviate from its Normal Asset Naming And Renaming Policy.

She explains the intention of hosting a contest is to maximize on public input and investment into the facility.

The committee unanimously passed a motion to send the recommendation to council.

Photo: If council approves, there will be a naming ceremony for the new art centre being retrofitted in a downtown building. Council is expected to make its decision next week to host the contest giving the public the opportunity to be part of the process. Photo provided.

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